Wellbeing Institute Team

Ruxandra Mercea

Ruxandra Mercea has been the director of Transylvania College for the past seven years, she is one of the founders of Asociația Wellbeing Institute, and she is mother to four children. Ruxandra is a facilitator of the Leader in Me process in Romania and she has been invited to speak at various national and international conferences. She believes that change and transformation in education come from within each school.

Together with the leadership team, she creates educational strategies in the school she leads, which shift classical paradigms. The school’s philosophy is based on four fundamental directions: academic, wellbeing, global education, and leadership. Ruxandra hopes that more and more schools in the country will realize that they have the capacity to change for the benefit of the children.

“I believe in the teachers’ and the youth’s power to influence the communities where they grow up and develop. When each person discovers their voice and trusts that they will find support in the others, the whole community changes.”

Ciprian Ghișa

Ciprian Ghișa is a history teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. He is the director of the Romanian line at Transylvania College in Cluj-Napoca, a university lecturer at the Babeș-Bolyai University, a Cambridge Exams Officer, and father to three children.

In 2016 he became accredited by the Department for Education in the U.K. as an inspector of international British schools; he is the only inspector in this capacity with a nationality different from British, who is accredited to monitor the activity of international British schools around the world that seek to undergo the accreditation process. Ciprian is also a facilitator of the Leader in Me process in Romania, and a founding member of Asociația Wellbeing Institute.


Mihai Zoican

Mihai Zoican started teaching English in 2013. During the past three years, he has been focusing on the process of implementing Leader in Me in schools in Romania, by facilitating trainings specific to this process, by adapting teaching materials for use in Romanian schools, and by acting as a liaison with the Franklin Covey team in the EMEA region and the U.S. He has recently decided to continue his studies, and is now a studying psychology at the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

Simina Bejenaru

Simina Bejenaru is the primary teacher with whom has started the first generation of primary students studying in Transylvania College, in the year 2000. She has been a coordinator and a trainer within a series of national and international projects: Educația merită!, Teach for the Future!, Aspire for Teachers. She is a Wellbeing Institute facilitator, and works with Leader in Me schools in this capacity.

She was involved in the development of successful programs - academic and extracurricular - with significant effects on motivation and the degree of commitment of learning by students. She believes in their potential to be leaders, partners, initiators, to generate positive changes in their lives and in the community, when their teachers urge them to discover themselves, support them, inspire them.

Mihaela Romaniuc

Mihaela Romaniuc has been a teacher of English for the past 20 years. She has become a Wellbeing Institute facilitator because she noticed the change she and her family have gone through, and she wanted to support as many teachers in Romania to benefit from these systems. Mihaela has been a teacher trainer as part of programs such as Teacher for the Future and Aspire for teachers, and now she works with Leader in Me schools.

Her motivation stems from the change that she can bring about in the world through education, a change which is rooted in her own life. Over the past two years, Mihaela has realized that her own well-being depends on her students’, her family’s, and her colleagues’ well-being. By understanding herself better, by becoming more aware of some of her experiences, she has managed to improve her relationships with her students, her colleagues, and with her family.