The founders

"I’ve been the leader of Transylvania College for seven years. During this time I’ve rethought the entire philosophy of the school. Starting from the vision and the mission, I’ve developed a school transformation model which is deeply influenced by the culture (this being a Romanian school) and by other cultures it comes in contact with (as it is an international school as well). Our vision is to grow through healthy relationships. As such, the adults around the children become true models for a life well lived.

We’ve founded Wellbeing Institute because I believe and I feel that what I have in the life of my school and in the life of my family is something I wish as many communities as possible to have access to. I want each child in Romania to have the courage and the strength to claim ownership of their own life, having the internal resources to reinvent themselves, to persevere, and to be fulfilled.”

Ruxandra Mercea, Asociația Wellbeing Institute Founder

“I am the director of the Romanian line in Transylvania College, but, first and foremost, I am a teacher, and, as such, I am part of the community of a school where people learn constantly: students learn for life; teachers learn in order to be truly capable to fulfill the needs of the children and the teenagers they interact with every day; parents learn in order to better themselves. Why want children to come to a school where they feel safe, where they find adults they can trust, a school where they have memorable experiences in every lesson. This is the reason why we’ve founded Wellbeing Institute.”

Ciprian Ghișa, Asociația Wellbeing Institute Founder

“I am a medic and, for my children, I want us to be able to support as many families to be healthy families. Every day I see the impact that the lifestyle and the way you think have on your health, and I want us to have healthy parents, so that we can have healthy children, and, consequently, a healthier country.”

Dr. Voicu Mercea, Asociația Wellbeing Institute Founder