Mission and Promise

Wellbeing Institute is a non-profit organisation that has the mission to transform schools into communities of trust, kindness, and joy.

We believe that we have in Romania everything we need to transform our country, in order to change the story for each of our children. We’ve chosen to live here and we’ve made this choice with hope.

The moment has come to focus our attention and our efforts to understand, firstly, what are the paradigms that define us, as a nation. This is where the main obstacles and vulnerabilities come from, which prevent us from growing as much or as fast as we have the potential to grow.

Wellbeing Institute is based on the model conceived and validated in Transylvania College, the first school in Romania to want and to act for the creation of a healthy community, in which every member is well with themselves. This is the first institute of its kind and it addresses the entire education system.

We promise to support every school director, every parent, and every teacher through our projects, so that:

✔ each child can grow up believing and feeling that they are good;
✔ each member of the school’s community feels safe and loved;
✔ each community is a real model, where its members (teachers, parents, students, supporting staff):

✦ support each other and relationships are prioritised;
✦ can be vulnerable, are seen and heard with kindness, empathy, and mutual compassion;
✦ support each other’s dreams and aspirations;
✦ grow through discomfort and difficult conversations;
✦ have a daily contribution to the mission of the school;
✦ create, innovate, discover, learn together;
✦ feel that they belong.