Transylvania College is a school recognised on an international level for its innovative approach to teaching methods, to building healthy relationships within the school’s community, and having a new perspective regarding the management of difficult situations. By building on both curricula (Romanian and international), a new understanding has been gained of the challenges teachers face in the classrooms everyday, but also of their opportunities for development.

The latest accreditation reports (2019), both the British and the Romanian one, certify that the Wellbeing, Leadership, Global Education and Academic practices yield visible results in the progress and the development of the students and the teachers in the school. The vizion and the mission of the school are to support all members of the community to develop healthy relationships by discovering their identities, developing their autonomy, and by making real contributions to the communities they are part of. Wellbeing, Leadership, Educație Globală și cele care țin de partea academică au rezultate vizibile în progresul și formarea elevilor și profesorilor din școală. Viziunea și misiune școlii sunt de a sprijini toți membrii comunității să dezvolte relații sănătoase prin descoperirea identității, dezvoltarea autonomiei și contribuții reale în comunitățile din care fac parte. 

Five years ago, the Leader in Me started being implemented in school (it is currently being implemented in over 4000 schools around the world). The process is based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People program, one of the best known solutions for durable personal development. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, una din cele mai renumite căi spre dezvoltare personală durabilă. 

The process integrates leadership development in the programs already implemented, in the curriculum, and in the school’s tradition, and it serves as a foundational operational system for the school, helping to improve relationships, to transform culture, and to motivate the staff and the students.

The impact on the entire community of the school has been impressive and very much visible: the teachers are better motivated, they organize projects alongside their students, and the students lead their own learning and make decisions on their own regarding their education. This takes place from a very young age, from Primary education.

Three years ago, a Wellbeing department was founded in school, which focuses on supporting each member of the Transylvania College community to evolve, to access the resources they need to overcome daily challenges, and also to overcome their limits and truly reach their potential. The work of this department has been supported by a team of external counsellors, psychologists, and psychotherapists, who have had a mentoring role, and who have helped shape the program in its current form. 

The philosophy of Transylvania College can be reproduced in the context of other schools, which may thus begin the journey of their own story.

We want to live in a country with similar values, a country where all children have the chance to benefit in their lives from the presence of at least one adult who believes in them. We can get there together.


Mind Education is a company focused on psychological consultancy with an experience of 10 years offering support to families and communities, companies and schools, in their profound process of transformation, with a focus on the well-being of their members, on care for their emotional and mental health, and on relationships based on safety and trust. 

Școala pentru Cuplu has the mission to support couples, which are currently isolate and which face numerous challenges, to have a fulfilling, long-lasting, and satisfying life for both partners. As the school represents a community with a profound influence on children on a long term, we have developed projects in which children, teenagers, but also adults, parents, and teachers, learn about love, romantic relationships, and friendship.