Our story

Our story begins more than 15 years ago, when our paths crossed. We were the right people in the right place, even if we haven’t always been aware of this.

Two of us, Voicu and Ruxandra, met each other volunteering in an organisation, and today, we have a fulfilling family life together. Ruxandra and Ciprian met at work, in Transylvania College, and today we lead it together, creating a professional partnership based on trust. We’ve been through a lot of difficult moments together, which could have separated our paths. We stayed together and we are contributing to a dream greater than either of us: transforming the schools by transforming each teacher, each parent, each director, each school employee, relationship by relationship, family by family, form group by form group, and, in time, entire communities.

The three of us are parents and professionals who have chosen to raise their children here and work here, in Romania. This choice, sometimes conscious, sometimes less so, had us face a series of challenges: what do we want the school we work in to be like? The school where we educate our children? What do healthy family relationships look like? How about healthy work relationships? How about friendships? How about romantic relationships?

All these questions emerged in various moments into our lives. Either when one of our children wasn’t having a good experience at school or at home, or when one of us wasn’t having a good experience at work, or when we faced difficult moments in our families.

We’ve been learning so much in these past 10 years: about ourselves, about the children, the couple, about how exactly you could manage to develop healthy relationships in a country where these things are not prioritized.

Each of us has their own journey ahead, and a great number of different lessons to learn and live, and we move forward with ever more hope, because we have so many good moments to cherish.

We are deeply grateful to every person who has come into our lives, who has allowed us to partake of their knowledge, and who has supported us to strive towards a better life, with more love, dedication, understanding, and trust that it’s going to be all right, that it’s feasible, that we can do it, that we deserve it, that together is better.

We have decided to create Wellbeing Institute out of a sense of gratitude for how much we’ve received and out of a sense of responsibility we feel towards other families and communities. With trust. With kindness towards every person who wishes to know, to discover, to see, to feel, to understand how they can become well with themselves, so that they may pass this sense of well-being forward.


Ruxandra, Voicu and Ciprian, for Ilinca, Petra, Vlad, Victoria, Adrian and Octavian