School Leadership and Management Programs

Being a school director means much more than being a good manager and administrator. It means that you are the leader of a community brought together by common values and an interest for learning, for preparing for life in a world less and less predictable.

Being a school director doesn’t mean that you have to do this complex work on your own or together with a small group of people. It takes a well prepared, confident team of middle managers that support all the activities necessary to fulfill to as great an extent as possible the personal and development needs of all the students and of all the employees in the school.

Reflect on the following questions:

What percentage of your activity as a school director is invested in managing, in preparing documents, and in implementing procedures?

To what extent is your main priority coordinating the learning process?

How much time do you still have to really see what experience students have during lessons?

How about the time you spend to change or improve the culture of the school?

How about the time you invest in modelling the behaviors and attitudes you wish to see developed in your colleagues?

How about to align all processes described in the management and activity plans, with a purpose to support the vision and the mission of the school?


Wellbeing Institute can provide support to school directors, and to people who have managing responsibilities in schools - deputy directors, heads of committees, members of administrative councils.

We are offering: leadership courses; programmes meant to change the school’s culture; programmes which aim to develop the middle management team; programmes for defining the vision and the mission of the school; individual coaching sessions.

We are contributing to the creation of communities of directors meant facilitate the sharing of best practices and experiences.

The courses are available either online or in schools.

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