Programs for parents

Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of school communities into communities based on trust, kindness, and joy. We believe that the school’s transformation has an impact on the families, just like the lives of the children and of the families have an impact on the life of the school.

These two contexts are extremely important for the healthy development of the child.

Catrinel Grigorovici, about Wellbeing

We strongly believe that when adults are well, children are well. When each child has at least one trustworthy adult both at home, and at school, they will grow up to become an adult who knows how to evolve through relationships, a person who knows how to extend trust generously, and who is confident as a person, and trusts their potential. 

We bring the facilitators’ experience, both from their professional experience (they’ve gone through their own transformation process in their school or in their community), and from their personal lives (many of them are parents, as well), to support as many families in Romania as possible to have fulfilling family lives.

All parents want to have happy children. What we want is to support them in understanding what their relationship with their son or daughter will look like when they grow up, and how to get there. It is a difficult process, but a beautiful one, nonetheless, and this is why we need to invest time, energy, and patience: for healthy relationships with our children.


Annual conferences, both online and offline, are the place where we, as parents, can recharge with energy, hope, and a drive to make things better for ourselves and for our children. Each conference covers different subjects, communicating the findings of various pieces of research in a language that is easy to understand by anybody, helping parents to save precious time, that they may use to build and strengthen their role of a parent, a partner, colleague, or friend.


Being a good parent means being a good partner and a good colleague. When parents become more aware of themselves, of their emotional lives, of their thoughts and needs, they become changed colleagues, managers, and leaders. A parent’s motivations to change, to discover themselves, to understand themselves in order for their relationship with their children to change, is a tremendously strong type of motivation.

The companies that will choose to offer their employees, who are also parents, opportunities to express care for their family life, through such courses, will gain people who are more devoted, more involved, because they will be in a better relationship with themselves. Together, we want to support as many fathers and mothers to have fulfilling family lives. Together with our partners, we offer programs available both online, and at the companies’ headquarters.

Ciprian Ghișa, about the role of the father in raising a child

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