Programs for teachers

Reflect on the following questions:

What experience do students have at the end of every lesson you deliver? 

How many of them understand what has been taught? 

How many students were active during your lesson? 

To what extent are your students aware of their academic progress targets? 

How many of your students made academic progress at the end of a school year? 

What is your relationship with the students like?

And, most of all, what is the percentage of extraordinary lessons you deliver in a month?

How about you - how do you feel at the end of a school day? Are you tired? Stressed out? Disappointed? Fed up with all the pressure? Unsure of what’s to come?

We offer online and on-site courses on the following topics:

Transforming lessons into memorable learning experiences both for students, and for teachers;

Improving class management;

Building healthy relationships between students and teachers, between teachers and parents, and between teachers and school management;

Developing each teachers abilities to manage pressure, stress, fatigue;

Reevaluating and redefining the role of the teacher in the learning process, so that it reflects all the changes that happen at such an unpredictable pace.

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