Audit and consultancy

We are extending an invitation to reflection on the following questions:

 Who wrote the school’s vision and mission statement? How long ago did this happen?

 To what extent is it understood by every student in the school?

 Do the people who read it feel and believe that its message represents them as well, that it’s about them?

 How many members of the community have contributed to generating this statement?

 Do the development and management plans support the school’s evolution process, which leads to fulfilling the message of the statement?

 Is the school I am leading as a principal a community? Does it work like a community?

 To what extent the activities and processes developed in school are truly centred around the personal and professional development needs of the students and teachers?

Together with our partners, we offer school consultancy and training services, both online and on-site (in schools), for:

Substantially improving the quality of students’ and teachers’ learning experience in school

Improving the levels of wellbeing of every member of the school’s community

Aligning the systems and the processes in school with the values, the vision, and the mission of the school

Preparing the middle management team in the school for a greater and more effective involvement in leading and managing the school

Transforming the organization’s culture

Making the professional development processes more efficient

We offer consultancy services on a longer term, in order to align the development,
the management, and activities plans at the level of each department, with the vision and the mission of the school, with the need to ensure a memorable learning experience for the students, with the purpose of ensuring the wellbeing of all members of the community.


First step

Having a 2-3 day visit (depending on the size of the school) with a team which includes a psychologist. The focus of our presence in school is to observe the dynamics of the relationships between the members of the community, the quality of the students’ and teachers’ learning experience during lessons, and the extent to which the school’s system are aligned with the vision and the mission of the school.

Second step

At the end of the visit, we generate a report which includes an analysis of the strengths of the school, which must and will be developed further, and which identifies the areas where interventions are possible, with the purpose of reaching the transformational objectives sought for.

Third step

Together with the team of leaders in the school, the actions and the practical steps connected are identified.

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