Alex's Story

In his personal essay, which was part of his scholarship application at Transylvania College, Alex confessed that the dream that he’s had ever since he was a child, is to have a profession that would change the world. The field he chose? Marine biology. For a child from Buzău, that may seem to be an impossible dream. But Alex’s chance proved to be, not so much the scholarship, as was the fact that he met people who believed in him and who supported him in his perseverance, even when it was difficult.

Alex’s story is the story of every child who is given a chance. The story of every child who isn’t laughed at: “Marine biologist! Where did you get that idea?”. The story of every child encouraged to dream and to believe, strongly, in their dream, however crazy it may sound. The story of a child supported unconditionally, especially when their experience is hard, by the adults in their life, by teachers with big hearts, who want them to succeed as much as they do.

Oftentimes, regardless of the environment they come from, a child’s destiny is impacted greatly by one adult. If even one person sees the potential and encourages them to go forward in their way, with confidence, that child gains the chance to live out their dream. And to change the world.

Each of us can be that adult in the life of a child, each of us can help them write their story according to their dreams.

"Școala Încrederii” is a unique process, developed and implemented by Wellbeing Institute and Mind Education, in partnership with Transylvania College and Școala pentru Cuplu; this process supports principals, teachers, parents, and students in schools throughout Romania. Școala Încrederii sets out to transform schools in communities based on trust, contribution, and vitality.

Within The School of Trust, each school will go through a five-year process. In the first two years in the process, schools are offered the basic interventions, which involve mainly the faculty and staff. This is followed by an audit, whose conclusions delineate an intervention plan tailored to that community, which lasts another two years. In the final year, representatives of each school demonstrate that they want and that they are able to sustain the school's transformation, and obtain the "Școala Încrederii" certification. This certification is maintained through an annual contribution of effort, time, and energy in the school.

Which fundamental needs found in schools do we address?

What does a school in the "Școala Încrederii" process look like?

  • Children feel safe, where they live and learn to trust themselves and others;
  • Parents and teachers learn how to be emotionally present and how to have a good relationship with themselves;
  • The wellbeing and the mental health of the faculty and staff are priorities;
  • Trust-based relationships are built because of the efforts of the entire school community;
  • Teachers have ownership of their contribution in relationships and in the community where they work and live;
  • Parents work alongside teachers, for a better understanding of children’s developmental needs;
  • Teachers, parents, and children contribute to the creation of a community based on trust, kindness, and joy.

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